There is a BIG change for the 2018 season which will help us improve our mission of supporting the school football programs.

  1. To assist us in being more organized this season, we have agreed and were unananimously voted in to join the Southern Ohio Youth Football Association (SOYFA).
  2. We will only play one game per week and a maximum of 10 games for the season. Our goal is to promote the sport in a safe and fun environment and not to make money.
  3. Teams are organized by grade and not age. Kids can now play with all their classmates.
  4. The season will begin July 16 and end the last weekend of October depending upon if any of our teams make it to the Super Bowl..

Our mission at NRJLF is to develop athletes to support the New Richmond school football programs. We will teach portions of the “high school” system and expose players to the school football program terminology, offensive and defensive plays and have them prepared to contribute to the most successful high school football program in Clermont County.
Robert Wooten – President of NRJLF