Are there background checks for coaches? All coaches, team moms, and board members must pass a background check every two years. Background check information is confidential and shared only with the President and Vice Presidents.

Are there certifications required for coaches? All coaches must be certified with NAYS or USA Football. Concussion protocol training is also necessary to be a volunteer coach in our organization. In addition, a coaches code of conduct must be obeyed to participate each year. It's important to remember that our coaches are volunteers. 

When does the season start? Conditioning begins Monday, July 16th and continues through Thursday. We do realize some players may still be playing baseball or on vacation. We encourage players to play a variety of sports but conditioning must be accounted for before a player can participate in equipment.

When are games played? Games are played on Saturdays but there may be an occasional Sunday afternoon game during a bye week or for teams with a large number of players. No games or practices are scheduled on Sunday mornings or Friday. 

Where are games played? Our home games are played at the NR High School turf field. 1131 Bethel-New Richmond Rd, New Richmond, OH 45157

When and where are practices? Practices are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at Monroe Elementary from 7-9pm. Once school starts practice times will be 6-8pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Practice times may be adjusted to avoid the summer heat. No team will practice more than three days per week and no consecutive contact practice days. A scrimmage against an opponent outside of our organization is considered a practice.

How many games are played? Our season consists of a maximum of 10 games and we only play one game per week. This is a contact sport and to play more often is irresponsible. Our goals are to pass these players on to the school coaches and not burn them out on football. Games will begin the weekend after labor day.

When is football camp? July 17-19 and is a separate fee. All campers receive a t-shirt and pizza on the last day. Camp is conducted by the high school coaching staff and is used to raise funds for the school football team through the New Richmond Lions Sports Foundation. Camp is highly recommended since this is an opportunity to meet the high school and middle school coaches.

Are there age and weight limits? Yes, there are both age and weight limits and more information can found on this website under the Age/Weight Limits page. The weight limit only applies to the ball carrier and defensive backs. No player will be denied participation or required to move up because they do not meet a weight requirement.

What about concussions? Concussions are real and taken seriously by our organization. All of our coaches have been certified in concussion awareness as required by the state of Ohio. Please see the Concussion Awareness page on this website or this one-page information sheet from the Ohio Department of Health. As an organization, we are limiting the amount of full-contact a player can have in practice. We follow the Ohio High School Athletic Association rules regarding full contact.

What is the refund policy? No refund will be given after August 4. Refunds will only be issued after all equipment is returned in good condition.

Is there fundraising? Fundraising is part of our organization and is done every year. Participation is required in either the actual fundraiser or by paying the determined goal amount per player. The goal amount is determined per player so if you have more than one player in the league then you are responsible for each player. Football and Cheer may fundraise independently of each other.